Pterophoridae: Pterophorinae

05381 Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, (Hübner, [1813])

BF1497 (ABH45.010)


General Information

This species has two protruding patches of black scales when at rest and when the hindwing is covered by the forewing.

Wingspan: 17-23mm.
Foodplant(s): restharrows (Ononis spp.), Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica), geraniums (Geranium spp.), goosefoots (Chenopodium spp.), mints (Mentha spp.)
Flying: Two generations, July and September-May (hibernates)
National status:


Heathland and other open habitats, woodland and hedgerows.

Regional Information

There are no records in the system yet in Bulgaria.

Similar Species