00069 Map-winged Swift Korscheltellus fusconebulosa (=Pharmacis) (=Hepialus), (DeGeer, 1778)

BF0018 (ABH3.003)


General Information

This moth has distinctive map-like markings and chequered fringes and is unlike any other swifts found in the UK.


Flies at dusk.


Overwinters twice as a larva. Pupates underground.

Overwinters as Overwinters as a larva.
Both sexes readily come to light, sometimes in numbers.

Forewing length: 14-16mm.
Foodplant(s): Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum)
Flying: One generation, late May-early July
UK Presence: Resident
National status:


Moorland, heathland and open woodland.

Regional Information

There are no records in the system yet in Bulgaria.

Similar Species
Belmeken, Rila Mtns., 29th July 2017. Female.
Belmeken, Rila Mtns., 29th July 2017. Female.
 Photo © Nick Greatorex-Davies
Orange Swift Triodia sylvina (=Hepialus)

Larva Type:
yellow, white, brown
No. of Proleg Pairs: